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'Nothing To Do'

Untold secrets bewitch thy knees of the bretheren; Blood comes cheap but at what cost?; Futuramification vortex nullification achieves high scores in games of love & war; and as usual, toilet paper reigns supreme. Oscar wielding performances from Bleeding Knees Club in our new video 'Nothing To Do'.

Moop Jaw X Movember



Filmed on location in the arid void of Los Angeles, time travel is made possible by the union of holy crystal, skeletal fragments and the power of disillusionment. A round peg in a square hole finds solace among the over-stimulated masses of the present day.... in a good way. Directed by Rhett Wade-Ferrell for MOOP JAW, Bag Raiders 'Not Over'.

Moop Jaw X Movember


METALS 'Like Unlike'

Imagine a Revlon Cosmetics TVC circa 2002, beamed and refracted off a chrome-plated prism; an image projected directly at you, yet you can't propperly see what it is... Or just watch this video for 'Like Unlike' by Metals, directed by Rhett Wade-Ferrel for MOOP JAW (;

Moop Jaw X Movember


Jon Vermilyea VS cartoons !!!!!!

Jon Vermilyea has re located temporarily from Brooklyn to LA to get a tan, buy the new segway, and work on two new shows for Cartoon Network: The Problem Solvers by Paper Rad's Ben Jones and Pete Browngardt's Secret Mountin Fort Awesome is the second. Both will be a must seez..

Moop Jaw X Movember


P.A.M. A/W'11 Video

MOOPJAW's Warran Wright who also works for fashion label Perks And Mini recently completed work on a new video for P.A.M.s Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. Fashion videos are so hot right now but this is a little different than most, and was very well-received at Paris Fashion Week in February. Watch it here.



Sparkadia - China

Some hungry-eyed teenagers passing by at one of the shoot locations asked if we were making porno, we told them that porno is shot on much cheaper equipment than this.

Via Tania - Fields



In 2010 Antuong Nguyen and Warran Wright of MOOP JAW were invited to contribute to a project named Moon V_gue, a glossy magazine compiling the conceptual & aesthetic reactions to the inevitable colonisation of our moon. Fashion, design and art are well represented by a wide scope of contributors. The magazine was launched as part of a concept store at the Shanghai Biennale which will tour internationally throughout 2011. View Warran and Antuong's work on our DESIGN page; learn more about the project at Moon Life.

Moon Vogue (moon v_gue)


Flight Facilities - Crave You

The most recent collaboration between MOOP JAW founders Rhett Wade-Ferrell & Warran Wright was conceptualized as a relatively low-key project, but has unexpectedly blown-up to be our most successful online video. The debut for Flight Facilities was shot on Long Island NY with a crew of two, a cast of two, and blankets designed by Christian Joy.

Flight Facilities - Crave You


Desktop+ Magazine feature

A lengthy feature on MOOP JAW was in the October2010 issue of one of Australia's leading nerd mags Desktop (btw: nerds are sexc). Big glossy pages & free screen-saver CD-ROM.

Via Tania - Fields


Antuong Nguyen's SILKY JAZZ!!!

Antuong recently launched a new website giving greater insight into his personal exhibitions, projects, films & videos. The URL alone is achievment enough, not to mention the jazz on the inside.


Via Tania - Fields

Rhett's new video for Via Tania's Fields is finally out! It's a journey.

Via Tania - Fields


Last Dinosaurs - Honolulu

Warran discovers childish nonsensical macabre in the new home-movie for little pals Last Dinosaurs. See a man grooming his beard..

Last Dinosaurs - Honolulu


The Temper Trap (v3)

Earlier this year Moop Jaw worked with Daniel Eskils from Partizan on The Temper Trap's new video for Sweet Disposition. Production servicing by Moop jaw. Read about it!..

The Temper Trap


The Holidays - Moonlight Hours

A video for The Holidays' song Moonlight Hours, directed by Spike Frazer.

The Holidays - Moonlight Hours


Coming soon - Via Tania

Just finished a three days shoot for Via Tania in Mount Buller, farkin cold.

Via Tania - Fields


The Temper Trap - Art Direction & Production by Moop Jaw

We just finished shooting the third clip for Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap. Directed by Sweedish director Daniel Eskills we were asked to production service the shoot in Melbourne by Partizan. Our boys Antuong Nguyen & Simon Boucher took care of Art Direction for the video. Coming soooooooon!

The Temper Trap


Peaches - Mommy Complex

Antuong Nguyen's 'explosive' new video for Mommy Complex by Peaches is here. Boys and their toys!

Peaches -  Mommy Complex


Sally Seltman - Harmony to My Heartbeat

The new Sally Seltman video by Antuong Nguyen is finished! Much sun, even more love, and a little cake...

Sally Seltman - Harmony To My Heartbeat


Moop Jaw X Movember

The Movember Exhibition in New York City at Open House Gallery has wrapped up. You can see the videos by Ryan and Rhett via our Vimeo profile, and click below for pics!

Moop Jaw X Movember


Oh JOY !!!

Short doccumentary on fasion designer Christian Joy and her genius husband Jason Grisell coming in 2010!!! Read it here...

Christiane Joy docu


U.S.A. was A.O.K.

Pedestrian interview Rhett about our recent trip to America to shoot Neon Indian. Read it here...

Neon Indian


Peaches, extra cream

Boys with their glow sticks out, 'appreciating' Peaches in the upcoming video for Mommy Complex (produced by Digitalism) directed by Antuong Nguyen. CUMMING SOON.

Peaches bitch!!


Miami Horror

Six days in a tropical location, tents, goannas, sea kayaks, wierd looking spiders, and models that can tap dance (wearing nothing but underwear & hi-top sneakers). This shoot was so much fun we almost forgot about the video: Sometimes by Miami Horror. Coming out October

Miami Horror


Polo Club - Shouldn't Let Him Out

Subdued beauty in the new video for Shouldn't Let Him Out by Polo Club, directed by Antuon Nguyen. Cameo appearances include Jesus Christ, 2 pizza ravers, and an orca.

Polo Club


Beni ft. Sam Sparrow - Maximus

FOR THE KIDS !!! This new video for Beni (feat. Sam Sparro) features our 9 new best friends. More soccer games and pizza parties to come! directed by Rhett Wade-Ferrell & Warran Wright.



Qua - Goodmorning Sun

The latest colaboration between Moop Jaw director Antuong Nguyen and artist Cailan Burns, with the help of animator Chris Northey. If the makers of Toy Story developed an allergy to their lives they might make this.



Red Riders - Ordinary

Ryan 'Gordon Zola' Frazer makes his directorial debut for MOOP JAW, obliterating all expectations and making Red Riders members feel all creepy like. Sure, singer Al plays it cool at the start, but ends up running like a very manly woman.

Gordon Zola


Larry Tee - Club Bad LIVE

We've finally had time to finish the online edit of a 1 hour visual set we created for Larry Tee's Club Badd Tour. If you can imagine this 30 times longer, 1000 times louder and 275 times sweatier then you're getting warmer... And warmer.

Larry Tee


Hawnay pics

Some hawnay photos from our shoot for 'Underneath The Ocean.' Kind words and pictures courtesy of Vice Cooler (Hawnay Troof).



Qua preview

Post production is almost complete for the new Qua music video. Featuring character designs by Cailan Burns; interdimensional escapism performed in underwear by Qua himself...

Qua preview


The Golden Filter - Solid Gold

New video for 'Solid Gold', first single from The Golden Filter (NY). Rated AI for astral intercourse...

The Golden Filter


Hawnay Troof

Just finished the new video for 'Underneath The Ocean' by Hawnay Troof. Yet to be released so keep your eyes PEEELED!!!

Hawnay Troof